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Playing legendary LA acting coach Arthur Meisler in yet another collaboration with the prolific guys at 
Four Eighteen ... out now on Amazon Prime.
Continuing as Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort
in the Australian production of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child...

Grey Nomad

ATC's Critically acclaimed World Premiere of Dan Lee's comedy...
David Ross Paterson wins
BroadawayWorld Best Leading Actor in a Play Award 

"All the actors are splendid, terrifically funny but utterly believable.." The Los Angeles Post

"Paterson as the stuffy Jim, has perhaps the best moments in the play… it is his journey we are taken on."   The TVolution

"Comedic Geniuses.."  - The Hollywood Times

"Paterson’s Jim is a lovable curmudgeon. He’s a guy that’s been in an oddly charming bad mood for the whole of his adult life.

Paterson navigates the rhythm of the play...spitting the text out rapid­ fire, while revealing his character’s inner life gradually and subtly."  Stage Raw LA

"Funny and touching, and a trip worth taking.."  LA Beat

"The funniest play of 2017.." The Hollywood Times

Australian National Tour 


Dirty Little Theatre/ Critical Stages

"Michaud (David Ross Paterson) is refreshingly less a shrewd detective than we might expect, with just a hint of suspicion in both his carriage and vocal inflection; it’s a beautiful, natural reading. . . delivered with nuance and intelligently measured arrogance. His actions are the machinations of the story; his advice to Madame Raquin to allow Therese to wed again, forces into motion the chain of events that lead to a dismal end for all."  XS Entertaiment

Ruben Guthrie

Australian Theatre Co production continues to gain traction in LA, whole lotta love with a standing ovation led by Jimmy Page on a Sat night. 

Melbourne Theatre Company's  

"His never sober dad Peter (David Ross Paterson)...painfully real."  Stage Scene LA

"A sterling cast of seasoned performers...David Ross Paterson, an alky in denial, never seen without a wine glass or flask."  Theatre Notes

"The always-got-a-cooler-full Peter (David Ross Paterson)...thought provoking and entertaining." Colorado Blvd.

"...His father, played well by David Ross Paterson."  Edge Media Network

Australian premiere of STUPID F@CKING BIRD at Brunswick Mech Inst.

 "Paterson was delightful and familiar in the role of observant older male squeezing as much from the last notes in his narrative."

"...really brought out the hidden complexity of Sorn, an aging, single 'good guy' who could have easily flown under the radar."

Weekend Notes

"David Ross Paterson was fantastic as Sorn, from his wry humour earlier on, to a melancholier state near the end."

Australian Arts Review


"Meanwhile, the old doctor Sorn (David Ross Paterson) wanders about making dry and mildly avuncular hay from all the Gordian love knots tied around him. A Fine ensemble cast."  The Age

"David Ross Paterson has great command of his character Sorn, displaying this ageing man’s take on life and all its comfortable on stage and his drunken scene was very convincing."  Theatrepeople

"Dev and Sorn, played by David Ross Paterson, remind us of the devastating joke of real life – and to laugh at it."


"Peter Houghton’s production is at its best when it plays the script straight. Around the poker table, Oscar’s mates (David Ross Paterson, Grant Piro, Hayden Spencer and Drew Tingwell) are uncannily good: their characters are detailed, natural, grouchy and unguarded. They’re the keel on this ship of fools."                               

           The Australian

"As the chorus of poker-game pals, David Ross Paterson, Hayden Spencer, Grant Piro and Drew Tingwell surf through droll exchanges, while providing an instantly relatable range of male types with economy and precision."  

                                 Sydney Morning Herald

"I also found David Ross Paterson’s, Roy, a man with an acute sense of smell, highly amusing..."



"David Ross Paterson, Grant Piro, Hayden Spencer and Drew Tingwell bring to comic life Oscar and Felix’s poker pals as they compete for not only the gambling winnings, but also for the most acerbic and witty lines."                         

               Melbourne Herald Sun

Hanging out with Jimmy Page!

Photo Jeff Busby

Comedy Reel -  2 min

Playing Florenz Ziegfeld in Gale Edwards' FUNNY GIRL at the State Theatre in Melbourne with Caroline O'Connor..

"Fantastic principal cast.." TheatrePeople

"David Ross Paterson is brilliant as Florenz

Ziegfeld and dominated the stage the 

moment he appeared."  Weekend Notes

"David Ross Paterson is suitably grand and dignified as Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld"  The Age

"David Ross Paterson brings dignity to Florenz Ziegfeld..."  Herald Sun

"David Ross Paterson captures the plummy tones and powerful presence of masterful producer Florenz Ziegfeld."  Man In Chair

"As Florenz Ziegfeld, David Ross Paterson brings a lovely gravitas leavened by a dry wit – no wonder he is in demand across the world in film and television."  Classic Melbourne

Putting the Evil in Rabbit Bandini Production's THE ULTIMATE EVIL


"Paterson brings a nice, professional naturalness..." Film Journal International

Bad parenting with love...

On location with Colin Farrell in  Saving Mr Banks

Comedy Pilot - ROYAL RECORDS

Shooting Royal Records playing flaboyant music producer Charles Le Grand with Director Bridger Nielson, DP Joshua Stern, Kevin Ignatius, Paul Lupario, Nick Psinakis, Mick Thyer, Nick Ullett and Luis Jimenez.



"David Ross Paterson and Wendy Phillips deliver fine performances as long-married thespians Charlotte and George Hay..." Lovell Estell III, LA Weekly

"Paterson has a field day as the grandiloquent George vocally...even more organic in the hairpin turns and physical slapstick. His Act 2 drunk scene alone is worth the price of admission." David C Nichols, Backstage

60th Anniversay Production of Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE.


GO THE CRUCIBLE"Most riveting is David Ross Paterson, bone-chilling as the arrogant tribunal magistrate besotted with power..."

Deborah Klugman, LA Weekly

"In a play where so many of the 21 cast members are very, very good, Paterson stands out as superb; with a crafty, domineering manner, he sets out trap after trap, like the skilled hunter that he is, to snare the unfortunate Salem residents..." George Alexander,


"Paterson is perfection as Bohr, a man of science and a man of humanity, a loving husband, a still grieving father, a complex mix of characteristics that in Paterson’s multishaded performance hold the audience spellbound." Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

"Riveting, nuanced performances by a terrific ensemble..." Bill Raden, LA Weekly

"In this beautifully cast play, each actor burns with intelligence. David Ross Paterson makes a cerebral Bohr...confident in the science of his decisions, less certain of his people skills but also less concerned with them." Dany Margolies, Backstage

SANCTUARY by David Williamson

"Intense drama...The performances dance on a high-tension wire, thanks to Paterson's rat-smart portrayal of King and Thyer's self-righteous, yet brittle Alderston"  Seven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

"A theatrical coup...a visceral and powerful drama, one that is powerfully acted and directed (Eric Tucker). No lover of serious theatre should miss it." Willard Manus, LivelyArtsReview

THE RED MACHINE is a fabulous indie feature, the brainchild of film making team Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm.  It continues to scoop up awards at Festivals all over.  

"Two Thumbs up...a lean, intense thriller."  Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 

One From the Vault

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